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Human Implantable Microchips (Transponders)

The first Six Sigma Security project included the implanting of human microchips into employees.

While this was a new altnernative in security, the trend toward the use of human microchips as continued to advance at an exclerated rate.


Cincinnati OH, 2006 Microchip Project:

Six Sigma Security engaged a project that culiminated in the implanting of microchips into several employees at a place of business.

The purpose of implanting microchips was to lower the risk associated with cards having been lost, stolen or swapped.

Six Sigma measures defects, and each time an individual gained access without proper indentification, it constituted a defect.

Additionaly, the decision of using microchips was to advance technology, as well as see what the human race was made of.

Each implanted microchip had a 16 digit number that identified without mistake, that specific individual's identity.

The project was completed in February 2006, and a press release was issued shortly thereafter. (Posted here soon)


Advances in microchip technology since the initial project:


              Time released drugs, heart monitoring, glucose monitoring


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