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Six Sigma Security  

Six Sigma Security is a Washington DC based initiative focused on improving Enterprise Security with the goal toward achieving the 6th Sigma.

Six Sigma by mathematical calculaton is the equivalent of 99.999996% perfection.

Six Sigma Security offers online training, classroom training, blended training and project advisory; including AI Software and Situational Awareness.


First, What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma by definition a set of tools and techniques designed to improve quality.

Since its inception in the late 1980's by Motorola, and then General Electric, Six Sigma has been adopted by thousands of organizations around the world, in both the public and private sector, and across a vast array of industries.


Six Sigma and Enterprise Security:

George Campbell, Emeritus Faculty, Security Executive Council, excerpt from his paper Driving Excellence in Enterprise Security;

"If enterprise security is to be effectively aligned with it's company's strategy and processes, it must be driving a focus on operations excellence (OpEx) into every corner of its suite of products and services.

Focusing on Operations Excellence (OpEx), Security Leaders should ask themselves such questons as:

  • How can data be used to quantify and improve the ROI of security expenditures?
  • How can measurements be used to guide risk mitigation, prevent loss and aid in decisions?
  • How well understood is the workflow process of the organization?  What is the risk exposure?
  • How can the security department quantify or demonstrate their impact on operational costs?
  • How can the supply-chain be examined for evaluation of loss and risk interruptions?

Consider carefully the following statement by Francis X. Taylor CSO, General Electric

A methodology like Six Sigma “requires a change in how you think about your organization and how it works,” it requires shifting loyalties from how your organization operates to how those operations affect customers-the people and organizations who determine the value of what you produce. Performing well in this task adds value to your organization, can help security executives anticipate risks and identify resources to mitigate them, and it enables your leadership to pursue new opportunities for growth.



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